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SPRING CARNIVAL - How To Adapt The Trends To Daily Looks

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Yes: we absolutely love the Races and all its fashion!

Every year we get excited while waiting to see which will be the racegoers looks for all the races events. And when they begin to appear, we are never disappointed: Spring Racing Carnival is the perfect occasion to keep up with the worlds’ hottests fashion trends.

Raceday attendees garnish themselves from head to toe with outfits that go from classic and chic to modern and daring. This is the time when everything is on display and it's all fabulous!

But… have you ever fell in love with a raceday outfit and thought to yourself ‘how could I ever wear this on a daily look?’. We certainly did!

So we put together a few tips on how to bring the Carnival trends to your daily looks!

The gorgeous lady above is Stephanie Harwood at Bunbury Turf Club. Steph went for the trending colour composition of pink & red - which alone exhales the Spring spirit.

She wore a pink a-line high neck midi dress, and finished the look with a gorgeous red hat, red gloves and a super cute clutch. Impeccable!

Nevertheless, it’s the kind of outfit we all would like to copy, it’s hard to picture it being worn in any scenario other than a party or a fancy event, right?

So… how can we make it more ‘daily-wearable’? Here we go:


To adapt this - and any other raceday look that you like - in a way you can wear it both to work or at a sunday brunch, you have to see beyond the outfit itself. Stephanie’s look is more than a dress, a hat and clutch. It is the combination of colours, textures, styles and shapes. The first step is to see the outfit for more than it appears to be. Remember: fashion is more about the concept than a specific set of clothes and accessories. So check out the other two tips...


As we like to point out, fashion is only fun when you can make it your own. Take your favourite trends of the season and find a way to incorporate them into your own style - and wardrobe! So if you are a tailor-pants-kinda-gal, it is totally fine to make it the main piece of your look. And if you are into an outfits’ vibe, but don’t love the whole thing, find out what you like about it and turn it into a entirely new look! 


Image 1  


When you learn to see an outfit for more than it appears to be, you begin to notice its textures and colours and the many other aspects that compose the look. On Stephanie’s outfit, we have the pink & red combo, the structured and smooth fabric of the dress and the contrast of the red vinyl gloves. Try to take those elements and put together a different look. It may even have a total new style, but it’ll follow the same fashion principles and vibe. For example, you can replace those gorgeous - but sometimes huge - millinary for a discrete scrunchie (which is a hot trend, btw). 


Image 1

The secret is to feel confident and pretty. After all, when you feel good, you look good!  

And remember, whatever is your style, Charley will always have the perfect pair of shoes to go with it!



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